About Us

The Joker has come apart. But we have put him back together again. 
We have a new name – Jokin’ Apart.

We have the same philosophy – Fun, fun,fun.
We are proud to introduce our new singer.
Hollie Jade –

Look out for more news as we turn a new page.

Dave Mason

Guitar, backing vocals, keyboards general moaningDavid Mason drifted down to Norfolk in 2009 looking for peace and relaxation after playing in bands for ever. Within 6 months he was crawling up the walls needing to get into a band again. Somewhere he spotted an advert for a guitarist to play in a reforming band Bone Garden. The rest as they say is history. In the past he has played in prog rock bands, rock bands, alternative bands and even more alternative bands. He started playing when he was 16 inspired by such bands as Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, and ELP – all bands from deep time. He had a break while bringing up his kids and then hit the middle age crisis. He grew his hair bought some better gear and was off again. He is responsible for the light show and has integrated the controls into his guitar rig. He plays a bit of keyboard now and then. 

Carl Blackett

Banging and clattering. Carl tried many instruments as a child but found he was best when hitting things so became a drummer and quickly got the nickname Total Geordie Animal due to his unique playing manner. During the 90s  he worked for and with bands around London before moving to Norfolk. Playing mainly rock/indie he has also performed and recorded original material over the years too. Previous bands: Fenrir, commercial drive, chasing red, canine feline, bone garden. Influences are John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Neil Pearlt and of course his mascot, animal from the muppets.

Brian Young

Bass rumbling and general disconnection from reality. Brian started on guitar pre-teens with a virtually unplayable acoustic 6 string, on which he eventually learnt to play most of The Shadows instrumentals. He favoured bass after going to live gigs, feeling the gut wrenching, teeth rattling, liver melting low end thump of the often used Gibson, Epi or Fender Jazz or P basses through Ampeg, Fender or Marshall stacks. In ’65 he joined a popular local band, Scrooge & the Misers after boning up on their covers of bands such as The Who, Dr Feelgood, Stones and suchlike. They were lucky enough to get two records out on EMI Columbia label, but had to change the bands name to The Attraction. They had a fair bit of success and was interviewed by David Jacobs on ‘Radio Luxembourg’, nice guy. They backed The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Fortunes & a few other ‘names’. After a while he left to tour Germany & France backing an American keyboard / vocalist with a French drummer and German guitarist! In ’69 he had enough, sold his gear and packed up. Around 2015 he bought a bass on the advice from a friend he’d kept in touch with since 1965. He now plays in, what is in his opinion, one of Norfolk’s best Rock covers band, JOKIN’ APART

Hollie Jade

A superb singer and a great contributor to the entity that is Jokin’ Apart. More to follow.